The 3P Hitch
The 3P Hitch

Tips For Towing Or Hauling

by admin, on Sep 27, 2010 9:30:09 PM

ProPride Hitch is known for great customer service and in depth knowledge about trailer sway. Here are a couple of pointers to use when you are planning to tow:

  1. When you pull a trailer, you have to drive differently. Do not slam on the brakes when the trailer starts swaying. Instead, lift the foot off the gas and maintain steady control until you can come to a complete stop and investigate the cause of the sway.
  2. Drive at slower speeds while towing a trailer and avoid making any sudden stops.
  3. Allow for extra time when switching lanes, stopping, or passing other vehicles.
  4. Crosswinds and winds from passing trucks can affect towing. If this happens, take your foot off the gas and maintain steady control until the swaying stops.

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