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Top Notch Products Sold At Pro Pride Hitch

Tweet If you are in need of towing products such as hitches, brake controllers, tire chocks, tongue weights, or tongue weight scales, visit the easy to navigate website of ProPride Hitch. They offer the most competitve prices on the market. … Continue…

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Prevent Trailer Sway With Products At ProPride Hitch

Tweet When planning your next trip make sure you have a quality hitch to prevent sway. You can shop the best collection of sway prevention products at ProPride Hitch. Visit to view the best products at the best prices.

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Pro Pride Hitch

Tweet At Pro Pride Hitch you can find the highest quality hitch products on the web. Whatever you may need for hauling, you can find at ProPride. Our extensive collection consists of quality brake controllers, trailer hitches, tire chocks, tire … Continue…

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Trailer Tongue Weight Scale

Tweet This Sherline Trailer Tongue Weight Scale makes it easy to obtain tongue weight on your trailer. This can really help with safe loading and proper trailer handling. Back buy a one year warranty The Sherline LM2000 measures tongue weight … Continue…

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ProPride Hitch Understands Trailer Sway Elimination

Tweet Did your last trip pulling a trailer end up in a adrenaline rush due to trailer sway? The people at Pro Pride Hitch know just how you are feeling. We understand that this is a terrifying experience. This is why we … Continue…

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Quality Hitching Products At ProPride Hitch

Tweet The way you load the trailer can determine how easy it will be to tow it. While loading, keep in mind that the tongue weight should be 10% to 15% of the overall trailer weight. One of the most common causes … Continue…

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The Only Hitch To Purchase Is The ProPride 3P

Tweet If you own a  trailer, then you know exactly what terrifying experiences can come with a poor hitch and trailer sway. Big semi trucks, strong winds and curvy roads are just a few examples of cases in which an … Continue…

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Trailer Sway Happens-Are You Prepared?

Tweet Trailer sway often happens if your hitch is not set correctly or the weight in your trailer is incorrectly distributed. Constantly monitoring your mirrors and always be on the alert for large trucks passing can assist you in being prepared.When … Continue…

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Trailer Hitch Gift Cards Available At ProPride Hitch

Tweet Give the gift of trailer hauling peace of mind. For that one person in your life that is the adventuree and loves to haul his trailer every weekend, give him the perfect gift. At ProPride Hitch, you can find … Continue…

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Brake Controllers At ProPride Hitch

Tweet Most states require drivers to equip their trailers with brakes and devices known as brake controllers. When a driver presses on the brake pedal in his truck, the brake controller lets the trailer’s brake system know how much braking … Continue…

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