The 3P Hitch
The 3P Hitch

ProPride 3P Hitch - It's worth every penny!

by Sean Woodruff, on May 22, 2011 2:20:51 PM

Submitted by Larry Darling

I finally got away and my wife, two dogs, and two cats made our maiden voyage in our 23 foot airstream with an installed ProPride hitch. We drove from northern Nevada to Central Texas and on the fourth day I got into a tight situation on a freeway in Austin, Texas. At highway speeds above 60 mph, we encountered a full stop traffic pattern upon topping a hill. I had an empty lane to my left and just enough time to pull hard in that direction. Had I not purchased and installed a ProPride hitch, I would have, at best, put six automobiles together and /or flipped my trailer. The ProPride hitch took the maneuver without loss of control for a nanosecond. I cannot thank you enough for your design and manufacture of this great travel aid. Before the ProPride, my trailer would sway at down hill speed over 55 mph, but now I have full control at much higher speeds.

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