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Happy Camper
ProPride Inc., ProPride 3P Hitch Reviews, sway elimination, review, Customer Service
May 1, 2019 12:57:22 PM

It seems impossible to find a high quality product these days, with a company behind it that is of equally high quality. It is so rare in fact that comments that sound like the one I am about to make seem disingenuous. I guarantee you there is nothing disingenuous about my experience with ProPride.

The 3P hitch is made very well. It does everything that it is advertised to do, which is a heck of a lot! Customer support is top notch, they even responded to my text messages within minutes while I was doing my install. I can't say enough good things about my purchase/install experience and about the product itself.

This whole experience has exceeded my expectations at every turn. It is very rare that I can talk like this about a purchase experience. Because of that, I want to be sure that my voice is heard, great products and great companies deserve to shine above the rest.

Great job ProPride team. Thank you!

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