Hensley Arrow Hitch vs. ProPride Comparison Truth

Sean Woodruff
hensley mfg., propride 3P, hensley arrow, Product Comparisons
Aug 29, 2010 3:43:04 PM

Many of our loyal customers know that we fight the Hensley Mfg. lie battle almost daily.  We get calls from all over North America asking about what Hensley Mfg. has been saying about us.

Here is the latest in a ridiculous comparisons post on a Hensley "anonymous" blog.  In the video you'll see the son-in-law of the owner of Hensley Mfg. actually registered the domain name and owns the blog.



After years of this video being available on YouTube all of the points on this "anonymous" blog have been completely debunked in the field.  We have THOUSANDS of happy customers who will attest to that fact.  Still, you can find Hensley Mfg. unethically spouting and publishing this information to this day.

We don't do business that way... just ask a happy ProPride customer about the experience. 

Feel free to comment below. You can read customer reviews on the 3P hitch to hear the results from people who know the truth.


Edit: May 23, 2019 

Almost 9 years after the nonsense written on the "alias" blog above ProPride is still going strong and the improvements we made to the old Hensley Arrow design have been proven to offer our customers a much more pleasant towing experience. The Hensley Arrow hitch is still a good hitch... it just isn't the best one anymore.

  • ProPride's Adjustable Hitch Bar with tilt for better weight distribution and level
  • Solid, welded yoke frame eliminates the need for adjusting strut bars and constantly checking them for "tight" when towing
  • A redesigned hitch box for easier hitching and unhitching 
  • No drilling into your trailer frame for installation
  • Weight distribution jacks mounted on top of the frame to eliminate pin bending under load
  • Thicker steering links offer a higher rating than the old design
  • No flaking of the powder coat when a new hitch comes out of the box
  • Industry leading customer service and support at any time of the day or night

We still deal with their dishonest and unethical statements to this day but really don't pay much attention to them.  Many thousands of customers have made completed their research and landed on the correct choice for the absolute highest performing, most professionally backed and supported, trailer sway eliminating hitch in the world.  Innovation and customer experience are the industry standard with ProPride, Inc.