Hensley Arrow Hitch | ProPride 3P Hitch | Former Arrow Owner Recommends 3P Hitch

Sean Woodruff
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Feb 23, 2012 1:17:07 PM

Submitted by Farrel Droke:

2012 Ford F150 SuperCab 4x4 with the Max Tow Package (11,200 lb towing)
2004 Airstream International 28 (GVW is 7300 lb, hitch weight is 900 lb.)

A bit of personal background: I'm a graduate of the University of Oklahoma Mechanical Engineering program (1979) and, until recently, a registered Professional Engineer in five different states. (Since 'retiring', I've let my licenses go dormant.) I'm also the holder of US, Canadian, and European patents. I was the Chief Engineer for a firm that prepared technical instructions for the Department of Defense.

I'm also one of a handful of people who have personally owned both the ProPride 3P and the Hensley Arrow. So, here is my evaluation of the differences and similarities of the two designs:

1. FUNCTIONALITY - Both designs perform sway control in the same manner by forcing the effective or virtual pivot point of the trailer connection far forward of the actual hitch ball. Both of my applications were with a short-bed Dodge 3/4 ton diesel truck with a very short distance between the axel and the bumper. Essentially, with both hitch designs, my trailers pulled as if they were 5th wheel trailers with the hitch connection directly above the truck differential. Functionally, both hitches performed identically. ADVANTAGE - EVEN

2. MAINTAINABILITY - My application of both designs were on Airstream trailers. The Arrow design required periodic adjustment of the strut bars in my application due to subtle changes associated with the hitch ball movement. In addition, much care is required with the Arrow when replacing or adjusting the spring bar bushings. The bushings must be inserted the correct amount to prevent damage to the pins. The 3P is directionally controlled with the yolk bracket and the sway bars are held in place by hardened disks. ADVANTAGE - 3P

3. INSTALLATION - The 3P does not require holes to be drilled in the frame of the trailer. ADVANTAGE - 3P

4. HOOKUP - The stinger design on the 3P has a more generous opening in the hitch making alignment easier. ADVANTAGE - 3P

Overall, I'm recommending the ProPride 3P hitch to all of my friends. The advantages I've listed plus the price advantage makes it a better buy.