Bundled Promotions Hokus Pokus

Sean Woodruff
Hensley Mfg.
Sep 11, 2010 1:31:29 PM

I just got off the phone with a prospective customer and the topic of a "package deal" came up.  As I shed some light on the "deal" he was offered in this package he was very appreciative.  (Idea... makes for a good blog post to help others not be taken for a ride.)

Here's an ad our favorite hitch manufacturer likes to distribute on Google...

Hensley Mfg. Google Adwords Ad

The question then becomes... "Is a bundle promotion a good deal?"

Here's the ProPride take on this tactic.   If the product price has to be hidden in a bundle there must be something going on with the product price.  Pricing should be displayed for each and every product in the "bundle" and the price shouldn't be a "discount" off of a jacked-up retail price.

See how that works?

The company doesn't post retail pricing anywhere on their web site so the prospective customer doesn't have a clue of how the "bundle promotion" will be of value to them.

The only way to find out is to phone... then you're in for the spiel.  And, the never ending follow-up phone calls.

Here's how you can handle it.  Send an email and ask for a DETAILED break-down of each and every "bundle."  This detail should spell out the retail price of each product in the bundle, the discount for each product in the bundle, and the shipping for each product in the bundle.  Get them to email you the detailed proposal for each promotion. Only then will you be able to determine if the "bundle" is any benefit to you or if the company is just trying to push more product in a transaction.

We recently saved a customer over $600 on a "bundle" of products that he needed by following this method.   We can do the same for you.


P.S. - Just as a post script to this post... "Pros" offer straight forward advice and products without pricing games.