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7 Savvy Tips to Avoid Trailer Sway on the Road

Trailer sway is the leading cause of trailer accidents in the United States. And while new drivers are more likely to suffer an accident due to trailer sway, the truth is that trailer sway can cause problems for even the most experienced drivers. The good news is that there are some simple steps you can take to prevent your trailer from swaying. Below are seven savvy tips to avoid trailer sway on the road.

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happy couple driving with ignition interlock program
Jun 17, 2019 1:46:58 PM

7 Signs it's Time to Invest in a New Trailer Hitch

Your trailer hitch may look unassuming. But your hitch plays a critical role in ensuring that you and your load enjoy a smooth, safe trip to your destination. If you have been neglecting your trailer hitch, it is time to take a few minutes to inspect it for signs of wear, tear, and damage. Identifying defects before you hit the road can help prevent accidents, trailer sway, and other problems that may arise due to a faulty trailer hitch. Below are seven signs it's time to invest in a new trailer hitch.

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Memorial Day
May 24, 2019 9:04:00 AM

In Honor of Memorial Day

Here at ProPride we are extremely grateful for the opportunities afforded us by the men and women who have sacrificed to keep the United States free. While we don't really take days off we wanted to honor all of these people with a little history lesson of the day. It's because of these people we are all able to travel and enjoy the RV lifestyle so easily.

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Understanding Trailer Sway and How You Can Prevent It

No driver is immune to the dangers of trailer sway - not even the most experienced trailer towers. Trailer sway is caused by a variety of factors ranging from gusty winds to an improper weight distribution hitch. Fortunately, you can help minimize the risk of trailer sway by learning its key causes and taking the necessary measures to minimize risks. Below is a look at the most common causes of trailer sway and five simple steps you can take to prevent it.  

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