Joe Larson
Jun 4, 2021 9:39:27 AM
Now that I have your attention 😁 Let me first say, I’m new to the “towing” world. My wife and I decided mid-year 2020 to delve into the RV trailer world. We knew NOTHING! Yep, absolute beginners. We bought a brand new Lance 2285 to go with the 2017 F150 (Lariat, max tow, 3.55 axle, 5.5’ bed. I added Bilstein 5100 all the way around and Firestone Ride-Rite airbags, just from reading posts about them and their value to towing. I also added Cooper AT3 XLT E-rated tires to boot.
Been on 3 trips from time I bought the trailer and traveled about 700 miles total on a BLUE-OX WDH!! 😬 On the last trip with trailer, I finally said, ENOUGH! I’m tired of feeling like I’m towing a trailer that feels like it’s on marbles, not wheels!! And, traveling 10-15 MPH slower than everyone else. I put too much money into the truck and the trailer to feel like I was ready to give up 😡
It was after that last trip that my wife decided my sanity, and more importantly our marriage 😉 was more important than $3300. It was either ProPride or bigger truck. Damn man, no way was I going to spend way more $$ on a different truck after I had already added so many upgrades to my truck.
So, I started following this Facebook group. I started reading EVERYTHING that was written. I admired the way Sean Woodruff and Brent would respond to posts and answer questions directly. Yep, customer service was what captured my attention first. I watched the videos on the install and went, wait, “I’m not mechanically inclined”. “I think I may need someone to do this for me”. “I don’t even know what a torque wrench is”. “How the hell do I insert the grease tube into the grease gun?”
But, I watched the videos again and again and again. I bought a torque wrench and watched videos on how to use those and grease guns too (man, you should see me lube up my riding mower now! 😃).
I explained to my wife what a zerk fitting is so, maybe 🤷‍♂️ , she can grease the bars on the ProPride herself 😁 (ok-wishful thinking 🤣)
Well, needless to say, I received the ProPride last week, and immediately started the install. And I must say, I’m pretty damn proud of myself. Like the saying goes, ‘those who can, do!’
Anyway, I even made some modifications myself (who would’ve thought, ME! doing things without watching an instruction video first! 🤣)You’ll see on the second picture I notched out a little opening on the propane cover for the u-bolts on the bracket and made the cover sit nice and comfy!
Well-you’ve read this far, now let’s end this the way you all were expecting…or not? My wife and I took the trailer out for an overnight trip. 200 miles round-trip with the new ProPride. And let me say again…. ARE YOU F’ING KIDDING ME?!! Let’s just say, my wife got tired of me saying how much better the truck handled and how much of a difference I noticed and how happy I am and why didn’t we do this sooner and oh…don’t mind me in first photo. I was ONE HANDING THE STEERING WHEEL, BITCHING ABOUT HOW SLOW SOME PEOPLE WERE DRIVING AND TURNING UP THE RADIO ON MY FAVORITE SONG 😃
I’m BEYOND happy and wish everyone in this group has an experience like I had this weekend.
Thank you Team ProPride for making RV traveling what I had hoped it would be. Keep turning it UP!
PS-to all the “scale police”….let me have this one moment to enjoy before I go the scales and find out I need to fine tune it. That’s for another day 😁