5 Star Review - Comfort and Relaxation with the ProPride 3P Hitch

ProPride Customer Carlos
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Apr 29, 2019 6:00:20 PM

I used to be an avid camper back in the early 2,000s. I was towing a 12K pound 35’ travel trailer with a Ford F250 diesel and a Hensley Arrow hitch. I remember how comfortable we were when pulling that trailer around the country.

We started enjoying RV life again last year, after being out of it for about 15 years. Our current setup is a 7,500 pound 31’ travel trailer, a Ford F250 diesel, and a ProPride 3P hitch. Before buying the ProPride 3P, we were using an Equalizer hitch. While we had no serious issues with the Equalizer, I always felt that there something different or wrong when pulling the trailer. Towing did not feel as I remembered it felt when towing with a Hensley. I could feel the 18 wheelers pushing or sucking the trailer when passing, I could feel the cross-winds, and when I looked on the side mirrors, I could see the trailer swaying. The swaying was very small, and the Equalizer friction-based sway control was working, but we were not as comfortable as we used to be. I had this funny feeling, I did not feel completely safe, so I started looking for other options.

That is when I found that the great Jim Hensley designed hitch was improved in the form of the ProPride 3P.

As soon as we took our first trip with the ProPride 3P, we recognized the comfort and relaxation that we were missing. The towing experience between the Equalizer and the ProPride is night and day.

The Equalizer is a sway control hitch, the ProPride is a sway elimination hitch. ProPride’s design makes the trailer and the towing vehicle one; sway is eliminated. We no longer feel the 18 wheelers, or the cross-winds, or the little sway that was bothering me. The ride is now very comfortable, and we feel safe and relaxed.

The ProPride 3P also shines when it comes to weight distribution. The weight distribution jacks allow you to easily fine tune your tongue weight distribution. Since there is no pivot point at the hitch ball, there is no longer a seesaw ride feeling. The ride is very smooth. We are so happy with the ProPride 3P that we are now planning a 2020 trip across the country. That is a trip I was hesitant to take with the Equalizer hitch.

Lastly, customer service from ProPride is the best. Where else can you call or text the company president to get your questions or concerns answered? Sean Woodruff answers every email or text message I send him. Sean stands behind his company and his product and makes you feel like you are part of the ProPride family.

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