29' Bullet Travel Trailer | Nissan Pathfinder Tow Vehicle | No Sway in High Winds

Sean Woodruff
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Mar 11, 2012 8:06:25 PM

Submitted by Jack Krasney

I tow a 29′ Bullet trailer with a 2008 V8 Pathfinder (310 hp). I purchased a Strait Line Dual Cam system with the trailer and as soon as I drove it off the lot it was clearly unacceptable, very scary. I since installed the ProPride 3P hitch and have been very satisfied with it. Thus far we have put about 5k on the trailer and the PF and we are presently in Tampa wintering from Buffalo. I am completely comfortable and confident in the hitch. I can confirm that in high winds or with 18 wheelers going by the TV and TT move as one. I can anticipate the effects of an 18 wheeler passing me: just simple physics; initially pulled slightly to the left then as the truck passes just a shift slightly to the right. No big deal. The TT tracks well. I put 8 ” elevation on the WD jacks and the ride is comfortable with no porpoising.

My wife wants to drive it and I have no problem with her driving it but she just needs general experience in handling a trailer first. My point is that there is no white knuckle driving, its hassle free and in a couple situations I’ve had to slam on the brakes and the TV and TT stopped quickly and once again as one unit. My only difficulty is that Stinger is too tight in the hitch receiver and its been difficult to extricate it. I have to do a little grinding to get it to go in and out more smoothly. Great hitch, well worth the bucks!