2012 Evergreen Ever-Lite 31BK travel trailer towed by Jeep Grand Cherokee and Chevy Avalanche

Sean Woodruff
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Nov 1, 2012 3:11:13 PM

Submitted by Brian Dolan

My Setup:
2012 Evergreen Ever-Lite 31 RBK
Past tow vehicle: 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee with OEM tow package
Current vehicle: 2012 Chevy Avalanche with OEM tow package

I started my travel trailer'ing in early 2011 with the Ever-Lite, the Jeep and a Blue Ox Sway Pro BXW0750. Once i dialed the weight distribution settings, the ride was pretty good. I did plenty of short distance (100 miles or less) trips as well as a trip from Chicago down to Key West and back in 2011. The setup worked and I was fairly satisfied but realized that I was doing more "white nuckle" driving than I wanted. I got to a point of acceptance but started to realize I should be more relaxed and not worry about every large car/pickup truck and semi passing me and getting the sway I was getting. Even with the settings dialed in, I was still getting some sway and didn't like it. Who would?

I started looking into something "better" late last year and came across the ProPride and Hensley. After making the decision to go with the ProPride and discussing my setup with Sean, I made the jump earlier this year. I installed it (took me longer than most [2 days] but I took my sweet time and I ran into some minor problems [threading issues with supplied bolts; moving gas tanks) and did some testing to dial in the weight distribution.

My first trip was about a 150 mile round trip and what a difference! Sway was gone, period. Yes, the whole rig would move on occasion but was much easier to control and lots less white knuckle moments on the drive. I've now made a couple of more adjustments, tightened bolts, etc and am very happy with the setup. My turning radius has increased because of the extra space between the tow vehicle and the trailer, turning in general has improved, and noise has reduced when turning due to not using tension bars for sway control. A side note: I realized my brake control settings were way off (too low) due to what has been described as the "Hensley bump" but that was quickly remedied. In the end, that was a great wake up call to my misconfiguration of the brake settings.

Now that I have a new tow vehicle, I adjusted the settings accordingly and am still very happy with the full setup.

I happily would recommend this product to anyone that asks. I get a lot of comments about the trailer due to the newness of the brand and now I get a lot of questions on the hitch setup. I'm happy to promote it and love to share with others how it all works. I really have no complaints about the whole process (pre-sales process, purchase, support, etc) outside of a couple of minor things I already mentioned. It did take a little bit of getting used to the hitch process but it's simply different, not more difficult.

Thank you Sean for a great product! You get what you pay for and this is no different. I am happy I made the investment in your product. Like my headline says, "happy and more relaxing driving" now that I use your hitch.